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Das Programmheft für die Interaktive Vielfalt 2013 ist online verfügbar: Programmheft_MuC_UP_DeLFI.pdf

The variety of forms of interaction with computer technologies, of the context of use and of methods of human-computer interaction has increased in recent years. Manifold systems and applications support in work and learning processes, accompany and entertain at leisure activities, enable communication and coordination. Some applications are integrated into devices virtually invisible others expect deliberate interaction with a wide range of in- and output technologies.

The expert conference “Mensch & Computer 2013″ in Bremen takes these technological developments as an opportunity to present and discuss new expert developments in the domain of human-computer interaction under the slogan “Interaktive Vielfalt” (interactive diversity).

In the scope of lectures, workshops, tutorials, exhibitions and demonstrations a variety of opportunities exist to present the current state of the art in research and to discuss with colleagues from research and practice. The department of “human-computer interaction” and the “e-learning” group of the Gesellschaft für Informatik together with the German UPA e.V. invite to the conference.

Contribute to the intellectual exchange and future trends of our agile and multilateral community!

The submission deadline for the “inter | aktion – Interaktive Demos” is May 26th.

The submission has to be done electronically via the conference management system.
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